Holographic Healing Chambers
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Sit quietly with the palms of your hands facing upward
and imagine you are sitting inside a large sphere
of radiant Photon Light

Imagine a hollow tube of energy running through
the center of the sphere with High Frequency
Photon Energy flowing in from above

Imagine lower vibrational feelings and emotions like anger
fear - greed - prejudice - hatred - jealousy -  depression  
grief and sadness flowing into the sphere from below

Holographic Healing Chambers can be activated
for your personal use and for helping others

Sit quietly as discordant energies are gently cleared away by
the New Light flowing into the sphere and allow it to flow back
into your Third Eye - Heart Center - and Sacred Center
Now ask the Central Core in the sphere to start slowly
spinning - to the LEFT - in a counter-clockwise manner

You may find it helpful to pretend you are reaching out to
the Central Core with your hands and see if you can sense
or feel it spinning in a counter-clockwise direction
Send a loving current of Light from your Third Eye
out to the blended energies in the Central Core

Do the same for your Heart Center and Sacred Center
This exercise will help you remember how to use incoming
Light particles from the Photon Belt to make
Holographic Healing Chambers

The background for the image below is a Star Chart that  
shows the planetary alignments on December 21st, 2012  

You may find it helpful to meditate on the background for
a moment before you activate your healing chamber

You can include others in need of healing by connecting
their Third Eye - Heart Center - and Sacred Center

Here's how to activate the sphere

As the Central Core starts spinning to the LEFT it will
engage the sphere and cause it to begin spinning
to the RIGHT in a clockwise manner

Try reaching out with your hands and see if you can sense or
feel the outside of the sphere moving in a clockwise direction

Once the sphere is activated it will continue drawing in the
Photon Light from above to transmute the lower vibrational
energies that are being pulled into it from below

They can be placed around anyone or anything in need of
healing:  friends - families - neighbors - pets - plants - trees
cities - countries - even our entire planet!
There is no limit to the number of people the spheres can hold
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Summer of 300 Years
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